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We have fun setting and installing any type of Tile in any pattern or style. Tile grouting is always provided and if you would like we will also seal the grout. Re-grouting may also be requested though only if the job is large enough. Tile floors, ceilings & walls, tile bathrooms and mortar beds, tile kitchens and custom countertops are all not a problem. Brunetti Tile has done many backsplashes as well. We work with any types of tile, even Glass Block. We supply free estimates and very detailed tack-off lists for our customers.

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You can use any kind of tile you would like or fall in love with for your Colorado tile project. But just because a tile matches perfect or is really sharp looking doesn't mean its a good fit for where you want to use it. Let this page of BrunettiTile.com be a wealth of information for you. We will tell you about the different types of the most popular tiles used today; And what works well for what areas and why. For example porcelain and non-porcelain or ceramic tiles are the most common and the least expensive. But granite tile can stand up to more abuse and has a lesser chance of cracking or scratching. That is how the entire trend with granite counter-tops started after all. And travertine tile, one of our favorites, is used in bathrooms all the time but is actually the most porous of tiles. Many of the spots on a piece of travertine is actually grout that was filled in at the factory. Otherwise those holes, if left open, would leave huge gaps in the tile. Learn more here with Brunetti Tile or just don't worry about any of it and leave it to us!
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Well, I guess something is wrong with the wiring in the room above. What it is trying to say is Brunetti Tile can install any glass tile or glass block for your project. Glass tiles can lend a very modern or classy feel to your tile. Glass tiles are usually smaller in a mosaic type pattern but can come in larger sizes as well. With either size we can also install lighting behind your glass tiles (LEDS with 100k hours of life, thats on for 8 hours a day for 35 years before burning out). This can be more then just mood setting. This can help you and your guests see in the dark especially in areas like steps, backsplashes, theatres and in bathrooms at night time.
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