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We have fun setting and installing any type of Tile in any pattern or style. Tile grouting is always provided and if you would like we will also seal the grout. Re-grouting may also be requested though only if the job is large enough. Tile floors, ceilings & walls, tile bathrooms and mortar beds, tile kitchens and custom countertops are all not a problem. Brunetti Tile has done many backsplashes as well. We work with any types of tile, even Glass Block. We supply free estimates and very detailed tack-off lists for our customers.

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"Brunetti Tile" - We are a Tile installation company with over 11 years experience in working with, setting or repairing custom tile. We can custom build our customers anything from hand-made mortar beds, shower benches and damns to tile 100% custom built tile counter-tops or tables. We work with tile from mosaic and field tiles to large 24" or bigger tile. "Brunetti Tile" provides these services to both residential and commercial customers. Owned and operated by Dustin Brunetti. We can provide help, sales and service to Russian speaking clients if needed (no not Italian, weird I know). Tile should be fun, unique and inspiring! It can be a true art! To us it is fun and we love what we do. Shall a customer just need a large SF area of floor tiles laid down as quickly (but professionally) as possible, well we can do that too! We do not sub out our clients work. We meet with our customers, we provide the estimate with a detailed take-off list if needed, and WE show up to do the work.
You can use tile nippers to clip small pieces of tile, mosaic tiles or edges off of larger tiles. Don't plan on doing an install this way, first try a few of the tiles you happen to have to see how they will brake.
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This is not a traditional way of cutting tiles, but much like with a grinder, if you have a masonry blade (usually synthetic diamond coated) then you can cut most tiles this way. You need to be extra careful if this is something you are going to try. You can also have another person hold a hose or other water source pouring it over your cut as you go, being again careful not to get it near electrical components of the saw.
This is not something you should ever need to do. The only case in which I would imagine you need to do anything like this, is if you have a cheaply glazed tile that is chipping off tiny particles on its finished side as you cut it. Even then, your tile cuts should always be hidden. Only in rare cases would they not be; Maybe with some crazy angles (you would want to use natural stone tile for this instance anyway)
How to cut tile
The above natural stone tile can easily be cut using a grinder with a masonry blade. You can hold these tiles in your hand and the grinder in your other hand to make small cuts like the above. If your using porcelain tile you may get fragments flying off with such a style of cut. And if your using ceramic you will want to make even small cuts like the above with a tile saw using water and a flat solid surface.
There is no need to make lines on the tile like this. If your tile saw isn't cutting  straight you have a problem. You only need to make a pencil mark on each side where your line will go in at. Most experienced tile cutters will be able to tell where the lines are going to meet. Like the above, even if you cut on one line an 8th of an inch to far, it would be  covered up by the outlet plate. This is true for tiles around floor registers too.
Need help or have more questions? Feel free to contact a local tile installer to receive a free estimate on your Colorado or Denver Metro based tile project.
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