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Bathroom Remodel & Additions - Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree
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This is a master Bath Remodel in a Highlands Ranch home, Douglas County, Colorado. The shower has three shelves, two of the are similar in size, one being over-sized (by design) and another one while looking great, is more for functionality in that of holding soap or small items.

There is a large bench with custom cut glass sitting a top of it. The shower its self is very tall, and towers over on lookers, something that is not well translated in the photographs. This bathroom remodel is full of tile, a smooth sand-stone looking porcelain tile. And to help to see this better, a really cool lighting design was implemented which consists of the following (each group being on its own switch):

  • Four 6" recessed (and insulated) lights with high quality bulbs emitting between 6k and 7k lumen (light temperature in degrees Kelvin).

  • Two 6" recessed (and insulated) lights with high quality bulbs emitting a slightly lower lighting effect (between 4k and 5k)

  • LED bulbs behind glass tiles worked into the design of the tile on the walls. This goes into the toilet partitioned space as well, creating the perfect night light. These LEDs turn on (inside of the tile, otherwise being hidden from sight entirely) via motion detection when someone walks through the entry door into the bathroom.

  • Each vanity has its own new vanity light that flows well into the design concept of the bathroom (each on his and hers separate switch)

  • And of course the toilet area has its own light and includes an upgraded bathroom fan.

All of the lighting is aided by natural daylight in the day time, through a large window above the Jacuzzi bathtub. This makes for a great space to see ones self for tasks such as putting on make-up, and being able to see during such a task is very important to woman =)

Continuing on with the Master Bathroom Remodelproject (Highlands Ranch, Colorado (South Metro Denver)) - the flooring is heated electronically and can be heavily tuned to the users preference which includes the floor being able to turn its self on or off. Say you get up at 8am, your floor can turn on at 7:30, making it nice and warm by the time you are ready for a new day enjoying your awesome bathroom!

There is a really great looking lastelle pattern of tiles that wraps inside of the shower. The stripe goes through two of the shelves, adding to a great looking design concept. This stripe is used in the great of the design throughout the bathroom as well as travertine chair-rail, as you may notice in the pictures. The shower floor is a custom mortar bed created with tile stones, which are actually river rocks and feel good on the bottom of your feet.

Just out side of the bathroom, going into the homes master bedroom, is a large fireplace. This fireplace was tiled in the same large tiles used in the bathroom floor, which ties everything together nicely.

His & Hers Bathroom Remodel Designs,
LED lighting implemented into tiles (as seen above), is a new concept by Brunetti Designs, which allows for very unique but attractive Task lighting, Ambient lighting, Night and Egress lighting coming from LED lights that last a lifetime.
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