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Will we install tile in your neck of the woods?

We love to provide free onsite tile estimates and answer any tile questions you may have if your anywhere around North Denver (no farther than Westminster CO) to as far South as Colorado Springs. Brunetti Tile also services as far West as Evergreen (for larger jobs only) and East through out all of Aurora Colorado. We are located in Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch (Lone Tree area). We love to work in Douglas County but venture outside of it for tile jobs each week! =)
                  What all can Brunetti Tile do?

We have fun setting and installing any type of Tile in any pattern or style. Tile grouting is always provided and if you would like we will also seal the grout. Re-grouting may also be requested though only if the job is large enough. Tile floors, ceilings & walls, tile bathrooms and mortar beds, tile kitchens and custom countertops are all not a problem. Brunetti Tile has done many backsplashes as well. We work with any types of tile, even Glass Block. We supply free estimates and very detailed tack-off lists for our customers.

Travertine tile can be a great experience as it is easy to cut, it is the same solid color throughout the tile and when installed it can look like a million bucks. There is one travertine that has quartz crystals inside of it and showing through holes in the tile like little caves. Though this is an incredible tile it would not be a good fit for a floor, counter-top, shower and may not be a good fit for a backsplash either. Travertine tile can be beautiful but should also be limited to where and how it is used. "Brunetti Tile" - We are a Tile installation company with over 11 years experience in working with, setting or repairing custom tile. We can custom build our customers anything from hand-made mortar beds, shower benches and damns to tile 100% custom built tile counter-tops or tables. Tile should be fun, unique and inspiring! It can be a true art! To us it is fun and we love what we do. Shall a customer just need a large SF area of floor tiles laid down as quickly (but professionally) as possible, well we can do that too! We do not sub out our clients work. We meet with our customers, we provide the estimate with a detailed take-off list if needed, and WE show up to do the work.
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Travertine tile's gaps and holes can be filled in with grout and can be easily taken care of at the point of grout where you would normally only do your tile joints and intersections. However why would you have such a beautiful and dimensional tile if to only fill it all in and cover it up with grout? One thing Brunetti Tile has done in the past is to completely water proof the backboard of substrate the tile is going over. This will insure you no mold can get back into cellulose based materials in your walls and grow. And will also prevent any water leakage or water damage. However even taking these extra measures you would still need to keep in mind how hard it might be to clean travertine tile if it does have a lot of holes and gaps, some of which may not be smooth. With that said lets look at how beautiful travertine tile can be, see the pictures below and as always let us know if you have any questions.
Below is an example of travertine tile that has been filled in at the factory. The red circles indicate only several spots that were filled in with non-sanded grout.
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