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Please enjoy this video of the "Rocky Mountain Bathroom". In this you will see working examples of our (patented concept, invention and design) LED back light glass, waterproof, tiles, incredible architectural designs by tile, and a really fascinating and fun waterfall, which doubles as a steam shower!
This page of the BrunettiTile.com website, is dedicated to Mary and Di in Highlands Ranch, CO. The images on this page are of their incredible guest bathroom in their beautiful Highlands Ranch home. This is a residential shower guest bathroom and it is one of three in the home. This is the smaller of the bathrooms, but non-the-less, it is amazing. You should nothing but LOVE the design and different use of tiles, the cool granite counters, and the way in which everything compliments each other. Starting at the top, you will find three halogen adjustable (and on a dimmer) eye-ball recessed lights. The point to the back of the shower highlighting it like a canvas. These lights also get hot, and provide an extra spa like feel and warm comfort to your "Rocky Mountain Shower"  experience.

Next you may notice the custom glass for a frameless and doorless shower entry. The top is cut out like mountains, designed and mimicked from a painting in the home. Behind the glass, the canvas of the back wall, you will actually find that it is a real working waterfall! Water falls from the top in a hidden crevice, and sneaks down the walls over tiles making a soother trickle sound. But that's not all, the plumbing is set up with two separate diverters, one hot and one for cold water. These lends the ability to the guest to adjust the size and amount of the water, as well as how much of each temperature to have. The entire shower wall is a cool rush of water (or a light trickle), but can also be a steamy waterfall mystique, as you will see in the video.

Following the waterfall and "glass mountain" down the shower, you will find that the glass hinges are square, matching the same size as natural slate tiles attached near by to the shower walls creating a rock wall - this design is further enhanced by the same size and style of tiles again, in the glass LED tiles that light up and welcome water to bounce and run off of them.

There is a granite slab attached to the knee wall of the shower entry, which matches the slab on the counter-top. Users will also enjoy a step up into the shower, which is functional and ads depth to the space. Above this step up, along the back, is a bench that goes into the back wall, and which also has the showers water fall flowing onto it. From there the water runs onto the step, which slopes inward towards the river rock bottom (what else than river rock for a such a perfect match!). The water also runs down all the tiles, off the bench itself and again to the rock on the bottom. Lastly you may find that the river rock design holds true to the pattern and style of the shower, being that it is framed out in more slate square tiles!
This GIF image (animated, below) is just for fun!
YES, it gives me a headache too  =)
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